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April – July | Easter Flowers & Annuals
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While the snow is falling and everyone is bundled inside, we are busy seeding & transplanting vegetables and annuals for the spring season. Once the temperature begins to warm and the snow starts to melt, we prepare for the Easter season. Come April, our doors are open to an array of daffodils, lilies, cole crop vegetables & more.

Shortly after throughout May & June will bring a variety of annuals from begonias, marrigolds, petunias, herbs, hanging baskets, vegetable garden plants & much more!

By the end of June will signal the end of the planting season & we will wind down for the summer. Our doors will close & we will then begin preparing to plant & grow our poinsettias for the winter season because of their tropical nature. Then we will open back up at the end of November until the holiday season in December.

If you are looking for perennails, soil, pots, statuary, decor, hardware, chemical ammendments & more, visit our friends at the Garden Center. They are located to the right of the Farm Market on the far side of the parking lot.
Perennials can still be planted up until November.

Be Advised

Poinsettias are very sensitive to cold temperatures. They can not be transported in the back of a pick-up truck, or in the trunk of your vehicle when the temperature is below 45 degrees.

Poinsettia Care Tips

Decorative Foil & Sleeve

We provide decorative foil & a protective sleeve with every purchase of a poinsettia. We do not recommend using the foil to hold water, but instead poking holes & placing the plant in a saucer to provide healthy drainage.


The plant should be watered when the soil feels slightly dry to the touch. Water the top of the soil until water seems out of the bottom. Frequency of watering depends on several factors such as temperature of the room, pot size, amount of plants inside the pot, & how thoroughly the plant was watered previously. The average watering schedule is every 4-6 days.


The ideal temperature is between 55-65 degrees Farenheit. The most important thing to remember is to avoid drafts of any kind (hot or cold).


Direct, right light is preferred for a longer plant life. However, this is not absolutely necessary for the plant to survive through the holiday season.


During it’s bloom phase in the holiday season, do not feed your poinsettia as it will decrease the amount of time your plant will be in bloom. See post-holiday care instructions for feeding your poinsettias.

Post-Holiday Care

After the blooming phase has ended, you can prune your poinsettia back and reduce the watering schedule to allow the soil to dry out between waterings (March – May). Come summer time, you can begin adding fertilizer once you begin to see re-growth. Pinching will help encourage branching (May – September). Once fall arrives, this is the vital time to encourage your plant to bloom. These plants need 12 total hours (8-10 weeks) of darkness as the response to shorter days encourages blooming. If keeping indoors, place inside a dark closet for this time beause indoor lights will affect the plant.

Poinsettia Facts

  • Poinsettias are considered a tropical plant native to Mexico which is why they are so sensative to cold temperatures
  • The colorful leaves are not flowers but are actually called leaf bracts
  • In their natural habitat, they grow as perennials up to 10ft tall
  • They are named after the botanist Joel Robert Poinsett who first introduced them to the U.S. from Mexico
  • Contrary to myths, they are not poisonous. They do excrete a milky sap that can be a skin irretant or cause an upset stomach to pets, but is otherwise non-toxic or life-threatening to pets

Seeding Plants with Steven Janoski

Check out our friend Doug Oster talk with Steven Janoski on the process of seeding plants, which we rely on here on the farm for all of the vegetable plants you see both in the retail greenhouse & planted in the fields.

Lets Talk Poinsettias with Mike Janoski

Our friend Doug Oster stopped by the Greenhouse during Poinsettia season to talk with Mike about chosing the best plant for the Holiday season.

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